Menu/ Specials

We’re proud to offer a wide¬†selection of specialty drinks, everything from classic coffeehouse favorites to original, in-house creations.

Our baristas work hard to develop the skills needed to serve amazing coffee and espresso in every cup.

In the mood for something different? Ask them to whip up something special to your tastes.



Coffee (s/l)

-Brewed Coffee 1.39/1.75

-Morning Jolt (before 10am) .93/1.35

-French Press 2.25/2.75

-Café Au Lait 2.00/2.25



-Single or Double 1.85/3.50

-Americano 2.00/3.00

-Con Panna 2.00/3.00

-Macchiato 2.50/3.00

-Cappuccino 3.65/4.00

-Latte 3.30/3.65

-Latte Macchiato 4.00


Iced (L)

-Cold-Brewed Coffee 2.00

-Latte on Ice 3.65

-Latte Macchiato on Ice 3.65


Blended (L)

-Frappuccino 3.50

Mint Java Chip, Cookies & Cream, Caramel Latte, Coffee, PB Mocha

-Fruit Smoothie 2.78

Mango, Peach, Banana, Wild Berry, Strawberry, Lemon



-Hot or On Ice 2.00

-Chai Latte 3.30/3.65

-Chai on Ice 3.65



-The Rocky 3.00

-Lakewood Latte 3.65/4.00

-Fireside Latte 3.65/4.00

-Sweet Vanilla Dream 3.65/4.00

-Hot Chocolate 2.00/2.50



-Espresso shot .50

-Flavor shot .30

-Whipped cream .30

-Soy Milk .50

-Almond Milk .50